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  • Advise on small labeller


    I'm trying to find a new pressure sensitive labeller that will handle back and front labels.

    Any advise on brands or model #'s would be helpful.

    I'm looking for less than 5,000 lpm, but larger lines are ok.


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    I assume you know that the labels are printed in series on a single web and the bottle typically is stopped and spun while applying front and back labels. The wine industry uses them and certainly Prospero or Criveller could point you in the right direction. I know I have seen an MEB version but I am sure there are others. 30 BPM would probably be normal for a small machine.


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      I meant 5,000 bph, not lpm. Oops

      Yes Rob, I already use one of those little hand labellers that applies labels from a web one bottle at a time.

      Have you personally worked on a Criveller or a Prospero?

      Thanks for your time.


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        We have a Krones labeler that was bought brand new in 1997 and works great. I must say that 5,000 bottle/hour isn't to be considered slow. Our labeler is capable of about 10,000 bottles/hour and was quite expensive, lower six digits. It was worth every penny and works great. Let me know what you find. What is your price range?


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          question for straub

          Can you give a model # for the Krones line you are using? Do you label both back and front?

          I'm really just fishing for your experiences and comments about the line that you are using.

          I'm probably looking for something slower and less expensive than a krones.

          I'll let you know when I find what I am looking for.

          ...and I will be using this to label 750 ml spirit bottles, rather than beer.

          Thanks for your input.


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            Check out:

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              I am also looking for a pressure sensitive labeler for front, back and neck labels....but can't spend anywhere near the $$ that I've seen this type of machine sold for. Any ideas would be so greatly appreciated!!



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                Price Range

                If you give a price range maybe someone can help you out a little more. If you don't want to spend $250,000+ then you better find a used one. Search used brewing equipment dealers such as AM Jade, Sound Brewing, Ager Tank & Equipment, NABS, and such. These machines won't come cheap I assure you.


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                  I, too, have been looking for a cheaper labeler and I came across these in Austraila. Don't have any working experience with them but they do look interesting:
                  We make the world’s most reliable, feature rich and easy-to-use label applicator machines. Apply perfect labels on any round container. Get a quote today.

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           --"pressure sensitive labeler" yielded:

                    Many applications from table top to many thousand per minute. Leasing too...