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Help! Tank door "wing nut handle" source needed

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  • Help! Tank door "wing nut handle" source needed

    We finally stripped out the female threads on our "handle wheel" on the door of one of our fermenters, and need to get a replacement in here asap so we can use this tank again.

    I've been all over, looking for a thru-threaded piece (5/8" - 11) and all I can find is a little 6" wing-nut style, or a single lever that's a bit larger.

    Anybody know of a source for the wheel type handles - or better still, a wing-nut type that you can crank on a bit more easily?

    Thanks and Cheers,

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    I have replaced quite a few hand wheels over the years and have 2 source. the easiest is Santa Rosa Stainless since they supplied most of our tanks. They carry a large and a small hand wheel, and yes, they are the big wing nut style, not a wheel. Check your thread size before you call to make sure they match up, but a lot of manufacturers use the same thread. Our other source is a stainless nut and stainless barstock from Fastenall welded by our plant engineer. I don't have Santa Rosa's number with me but it should easy enough to find, ask for parts. JVNW also has a good parts dept. buy I have not used them for this.
    Good Luck,
    Steve Trese
    Head Brewer
    Boulder Beer Co.