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FV to ST on a different floor.

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  • FV to ST on a different floor.

    How can I transfer beer from my 15bbl FV up a floor to my serving tanks? Can CO2 swing it? Is there a pump that can be incorporated that will not introduce O2 into the equation or end up pumping foam on the other end? The brewery layout is not something that I can change.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Moving beer

    A diaphragm pump would work well for this.


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      A properly sized sanitary centrifugal, pressurized destination tank (server) with a balance line bac to the FV should do it with little or no foam.


      Liam McKenna


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        That's how I do it..

        My serving tanks are upstairs from my fermenters and I use the same centrifugal pump for all brewery operations. Pressurized ST and FT and a balance between. I have to significantly cut back the flow with a butterlfy valve in order to maintain laminar flow, so there's more than enough power from the pump. Never any foam, even while carbonating inline with a simple cintered stone. Thomsen #4 pump with a baldor motor....1.5" TC in and out
        Jay Stoyanoff
        Plattsburgh Brewing Co.
        Plattsburgh, NY


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          If you can afford a variable speed control for your centrifugal pump you are going to really like it. I set my tanks at 1 to 1 1/2 psi above tank pressure and gradually increase the speed of the pump to gently push the beer, and the balance line is a very good thing to incorporate as it saves on CO2 that would otherwise be used to make up pressure in the FV. Its a good idea to make sure all your hoses clamps are tight and never blow a fitting as this can be very messy.


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            I vote for using your regular old centrifugal pump to do it. The "balance line" mentioned here is the key piece to the puzzle, and it connects the air sides of your origin and destination...that way, it can be a pressurized transfer with no foaming out. Then the pump just has to beat the elevation gain.

            I think of you search "balance line", you will find another thread on this subject.