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Trench Drain fall?

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    Hi Jamie,
    I have a 20'+ Dura Slope in my Brewhouse. I've had it in constant use since 2002 and it works great. The only two issues I've had are the thin cross pieces on the trench covers break over time (true, we are wheeling our Meheem, labeler, and keg washer over them all the time) and some of the concrete along the edge of the trench is wearing away. Besides those things, this is a must have!

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      Hey Dave,

      Thanks as always for the helpful advice in the forums. Do you have just concrete surrounding these trenches, or is it a top coat of some sort? I'm wanting to do a urethane enriched concrete topcoat after everything is in place, so I think this should solve the issue of the concrete failing around the edges of the drain (I've had this happen at my old brewery). One thing I noticed is that the manufacturer recommends to install an expansion joint around the drain, which would compromise the integrity of the topcoat. Without doing an expansion joint I worry about the concrete expanding and cracking this rather thin material. Have you had any cracking of the HDPE? What are your thoughts on this?

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