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Bottle pressure pressure/CO2 meter?

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  • Bottle pressure pressure/CO2 meter?

    Not sure of the actual name for this device, as I have only seen them in pictures, but does anyone know where to get the pressure meters that monitor the pressure of an individual bottle or what their technical name is?


    Taylor Smack
    Blue Mountain Brewery
    Blue Mountain Barrel House

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    Zahm? Gehaltemeter?


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      A search of the forum for bottle co2 test got me this:

      Sounds like you want a Zahm Nagle like KWLSD says...

      Don't forget to use search, its awesome, or if you want to have the power of google, just do a search with your terms there and add anywhere:

      and it will only search here.


      search in google like this:

      test co2 bottle

      and it gave me the same above link as the 3rd or 4th one down, I love the googles


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        If you're looking for the pressure gauges that clamp to the bottle try these guys:

        Site is in German but you can download an English catalog with all sorts of weird stuff. In 2010 I got a quote for bottle pressure tester no. 12118 at about EUR 160.00 ex. Germany.
        Clarke Pelz
        Cynosure Brewing


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          As mentioned above you can obtain it at Barby + Kühner and will recommend the model 1211 , which includes the thermometer and the German terminology is Flaschendruckprüfer same as bottle pressure tester.
          Just to let you know, mine fits the european bottles NWR or Vichy (bottle neck orifice diameter 16mm), I tried it in other beer bottles and it did not tight as it should, so check your bottles before you buy it because it is quite expensive.
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            GW Kent sells these:

            Not sure if that's what you're looking for or not.




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              Google Zahm and Nagel.


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       guys nailed it

                Thanks all. The German ones were what I had seen. Totally did not know Zahm made a piercing device that seems to do somewhat of the same thing, or that GW Kent had something similar too. Awesome. Thank you all again for taking the time to respond and help!

                Taylor Smack
                Blue Mountain Brewery
                Blue Mountain Barrel House