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Cleaning Concrete Floors

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  • Cleaning Concrete Floors

    So we have straight concrete floors with a sealant around our trench drain. In the cellar area we get some dried beer and gunk from time to time, and staining from iodophor in our blowoff buckets. So we try to do a weekly bleach + scrub brush treatment, but it's tiring to do that much floor and hard to get in and around all the tank feet and whatnot.

    Wondering if anyone has a brilliant spray, walk away, and let dry solution out there? We used to use a spray floor sanitizer designed for hospitals back at another brewery I worked at, but I can't remember the name of the chemical.
    Russell Everett
    Co-Founder / Head Brewer
    Bainbridge Island Brewing
    Bainbridge Island, WA

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    You can use Quat (quaternary ammonia) as a spray on solution to keep mold growth down. That might be what you're thinking of. It's good for tank exteriors too (exteriors only. Don't use it in tanks). But it's not a "cleaner" and won't dissolve dried on beer etc...

    And obviously if you're using Quat, don't use bleach too!
    Hutch Kugeman
    Head Brewer
    Brooklyn Brewery at the Culinary Institute of America
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      You can use a Five Star Product called CMC or Chlorinated Manual Cleaner. Its a granular with powder, the exact same as PBW but with Chlorine so obviously do not use with any oxidizers or you will create Chlorine gas as the last post hinted at. It does take some scrubbing still to get things clean but CMC is the best cleaner for floors and the outsides of tanks I have found. As far as a spray and wipe sort of solution, I am not sure there is one. We use CMC at least once a week in the brewery to keep old beer smell, mold, and bacterial growth down. Then we just let sanitizer from out cleaning cycles to hit the floor and have never had a problem. Cheers.


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        Just my two cents...
        I always use Simple Green to clean my floors although they aren't stained with a floor stain. Simple Green leaves the garage smelling clean when done. And not to knock Purple Power as I have used it also, but I think SG does a better job.

        One word of warning though, and since your garage has a stained floor, you may want to try the good garage floor cleaner it in an inconspicuous place if you use SG......we used to use it at work to clean our machines. SG Concentrate goes a long ways, so don't mix it too strong. It would actually soften the paint on the machines at work and start removing it over a period of time. Purple Power would not do that. Our shop finally got away from SG because of that fact.
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