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  • Would you use this? *New technology*

    Would you guys use this? I'm thinking it could be cool for recipe testing. It's not available yet, still just a prototype but just wondering what you think.

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    Sounds kind of like a bread machine for beer.

    Do they still make those? They didn't make very good bread...
    Kyle Kohlmorgen
    Process/Automation Consultant
    St. Louis, MO


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      Sounds to me like it's basically the same concept as the Spiedel Braumeister:
      Kevin Shertz
      Chester River Brewing Company
      Chestertown, MD


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        I've been working on a bolt on software/hardware automation solution for nanos and pilot systems. My friends keep emailing me the link to this thing thinking that it's relevant to what I'm working on. There are a few others as well that I like to call "Keurig" style breweries. There's something about them I personally find unappealing. I don't know if I'm being competitive or if it's the "we already figured it all out for you" approach they all take. There's a difference between touchless brewing and brewerless brewing. If this was to be used for recipe tests, I would think you'd want to be able to fully customize mash temps, times, boil length, fermentation temp, etc etc then recall a log of exactly what actually happened in a report of some sort in the end. This would give you a tangible record of what you'd be trying to reproduce on a large scale. For my own purposes, would that be useful? The ability to create an automated pilot batch and finish with a printed log and report of that batch?


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          Check out the Braumeister System, easy small format, homebrew systems:


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            It doesn't boil. So, no.
            Erik Olsen
            Kelsen Brewing Company
            Derry, New Hampshire