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Pro's and Con's of Horizontal Fermenters

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  • Pro's and Con's of Horizontal Fermenters

    I'm hoping someone could advise the pro's and con's of horizontal fermenters. It is my understand from research that the lack head pressure could cause esters. Any other con's? Any pro's?


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    Dairy or purpose built horizontals.

    I ferment in a horizontal tank and have seen no difference in beer profile. only issue is yeast harvesting is low and slugs of yeast on transfer.
    Our horizontals were purpose built by Premiere with 15psi rating. They also double as BBT when the regular Packaging tanks are full..

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      From what I understand horizontal tanks are usually used for secondary or laggering. One reason why a lot of brewers don't use them is because they are not conical so it makes it hard to pull the beer off the trudge (unless it has already been pulled off as in for secondary or laggering). Also you are going to have a lot more beer to yeast contact with the yeast that drops out of solution and settles out. This is not necessarily a problem as long as you don't leave it sitting on the yeast too long but I imagine it will effect the flavor profile slightly so maybe take that into account .


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        Used area

        Besides all that is said above, you will need more floor space than a vertical vessel, however they work fine if you know how to manage them.