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Small brewery electrical capacity

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    Originally posted by wickedpissa View Post

    We had a 5500sf space, 2000 SF for the brewery. 10bbl system. 2 10bbl terms, 4 5bbl terms, all connected to a 3ton glycol chiller. Walk-in was 14x14 and cooled with a 24k but air-conditioner and coolbot. Our bride was also in it's own 5x5 walk in with an ac/coolbot. We had a CLT and HLT, but didn't have heating or cooling attached to them, just for bulk water containers. Had a fully auto kegwasher, compressor, undercounter dishwasher, and the rest was mostly courtesy outlets. Had an auger and grain mill also.
    How many volts is your electrical service?

    a10t2 Good point, we can probably survive with just heating mash water with the kettle if we're brewing not as often. Thanks!