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Pack Leader PL-501 Wrap Around Labeler

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  • Pack Leader PL-501 Wrap Around Labeler

    This is possibly one of the most " Mickey Mouse " pieces of gear I have laid tools on in a while. Adding extra plastic onto an Aluminum can. Unsustainable and Problematic ideas. While this unit is supposedy made to work in the Beverage Industry, its not washdown duty and not " meant " to get wet according to feedback from the MFG's Tech I spoke to on the matter. So in a perfect world if you want to run this thing, you will need a near perfect rinse and dry before you come onto it with your cans. Also it is placed in an area where everything else around is typically washdown rated. In some situations encountered in the real world, this is a major problem due to beer carryover down the line which will create the need to rinse the conveyor assembly. This will invite major issues with the bearings on the wrap station and also some issues with the main conveyor drive timing belt. Those sub assemblies are neither easy, quick or fun to work on. The spec bearings are of the wrong type for this environment. The wrap station can drive belt can be somehow undersized or " shrink " and then refuse to fit the machine. Also without a good answer as to why. The very disagreeable minimum $$ for parts orders is the way they roll.
    If you are going to can, I would recommend pre-printed cans to anyone regardless of how attractive adding plastic labels to aluminum cans may seem.
    If you need good through put with fewer problems and snags, this machine will slow any production line down and is definitely to be avoided in high volume settings.
    It gets a 1 star rating our of 10.
    Warren Turner
    Industrial Engineering Technician
    HVACR-Electrical Systems Specialist
    Moab Brewery
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