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  • Do your homework take precautions!

    I talked to someone today who got ripped off by Best Buy Equipment (defunct Chinese company) who reappeared in our market as MC Tank in Canada (allegedly started by same Best Buy guy.)
    He purchased his tanks during MC Tanks "buy one get one free" and a 5 year "warranty".
    He was warned not to trust a company that:
    1. Offers a warranty longer than their time in business
    2. Has pictures of Best Buy tanks on their website
    3. Isn't able to be reliably contacted by phone...
    He didn't get his tanks...but they got his money.
    Now another company, MK Brewery Tank, has popped up just outside of Toronto, just like MC Tank. Lots of similarities in the websites. I'm not saying it's them again, but if it walks like a duck...
    Do your homework and use financial protections when you buy!

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    We purchased two 7bbl unitanks and one 7bbl Brite from them. I like the quality of the tanks but they still owe us three PRV's and carb stones. They had promised a mid-August ship date on the missing pieces, they've never arrived and they've quit replying to emails. I called today and it appears their number may have been disconnected. Not that big a deal to get the carb stones and PRV's but they were promised in the bill of materials.