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Colorado Brewing Systems 2 Head Keg Washer V3

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  • Colorado Brewing Systems 2 Head Keg Washer V3

    We have purchased this machine for our micro brewery. We will clean about 50 kegs a month right now but that will increase over time. We asked about the need for filters/dryers ahead of the machine & after the air compressor and were told they were not needed. This seems contrary to everything we have read and heard about semi automatic keg washers. We are hoping to make the right decision about this before we take delivery in the next week or so.

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    No matter what brand of keg washer you are using you definitely need both an in-liner filter to catch compressor oil mist and a dryer to eliminate moisture from contaminating the kegs. Even more important in high humidity areas. The nationwide company Grainger has these available.
    Cheers, Marc Martin (Northwest Brewery Advisors)