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Cooling Wort With a CLT

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  • Cooling Wort With a CLT

    Hello all, we're opening a 7 bbl brewery in Missouri in the next few months. Our ground water temp in the summer is about 78F (25C) so we're trying to figure a way to ensure we can cool down to pitching temps. We're currently planning on using a CLT, which will be about 38F (3C). Our heat exchanger is going to be designed for a 10 bbl system. Any ideas on how large my CLT needs to be? 500 gallons was my best guess.

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    A properly designed heat exchanger should utilize about 1.3 gallons of water to 1.0 gallon of wort to chill within ~10 degrees of the water temperature (the target wort temperature being about 50 deg F), so you'll need a 10 BBL CLT at minimum, although that is cutting it close. We typically size a CLT to be 2X the brewhouse size, so a 15 BBL CLT would be appropriate and ensure that you don't run out of cold water. Email me and I can get a quote together for you.
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      We are on a 7bbl brewhouse and though I do not have a dedicated CLT, I do use an empty FV as a CLT whenever I have one. FYI, for me to cool a 7bbl batch to 64 degrees pitch temp with 34 degree water I use about 230 gallons. To get to lager pitch temp of 51 degrees I need about 340 gallons. My HX came with my Premier System so I reckon it sized for a 7bbl BH.

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        You will use approx. 320 gal of 36 degree CL to knock out in 50 minutes if you have a heat X that is sized for a 10 bbl batch. I would recommend a 15 bbl CLT for cushion and if you plan to knock out down to lager temps.
        Cheers, Marc Martin (Northwest Brewery Advisors)