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Brew kettle Neoprene Sleeves for insulation;

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  • Brew kettle Neoprene Sleeves for insulation;

    Hello I have been searching all over the USA to see if there are any providers for neoprene kettle / vessel covers like you see on nearly every manufactures website.

    Ive talked to some Chinese suppliers a lot of them have minimum order quantities of 1000 units others are incredibly slow and take over a week to get an idea across..

    If anyone here can refer me to any neoprene insulation wrap manufactures it would be fantastic doesnt matter where theyre based though I prefer supporting American businesses. It seems that most if not all neoprene factories are in china..

    armaflex/aerogel insulation 1/2 or 3/4th inch is of interested aswell as water cooled jackets.