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Planning and walkthrough of brewery piping...

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  • Planning and walkthrough of brewery piping...

    Just doing this myself, so thought I'd put my thoughts down so that others could add to them for a reference guide. We've just tack welded everything in place and are now looking at the operational aspects of our brewhouse piping before welding the whole thing together permanently.
    1) Isolation valves on major equipment, drops, and frequently maintained equipment. Check valves, anti-siphon, anti-backflow valves as appropriate. Bypass valves for critical components.
    2) Space to maintain equipment. Piping opens to allow valve seat replacement. Unions to open lines are best used around corners.
    3) Dead zone avoidance, flushing capabilities, easy & proper CIP protocols.
    4) Pinch points, headknockers & burn zones.
    5) Insulation and insulation-ability. Is there adequate clearance?
    6) Valve handle direction--with or against flow.
    7) Strut and clamp placement.
    8) Ease-of-use. Different valves for water, CIP and process. Easily identifiable flow paths. Ease of cleaning.

    I'm sure I'm missing much of what went into my original design, but the idea is that thorough planning and a thoughtful walkthrough will allow faster installation with less rework.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--