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Could be a rectangular dairy tank used as boil kettle?

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  • Could be a rectangular dairy tank used as boil kettle?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a small question: we have to increase our batch capacity. We got a rectangular dairy tank for free (1200L). The tank is in perfect condition. I wanted to know if someone already used this type of tank as a boil kettle? I am little bit concern about the efficiency of the whirlpool…but the tank has a conical bottom with a bottom valve. So I was just hoping to be able drain the hot trub through the bottom valve and to install a second butterfly valve to pump the wort out of the tank. I would use steam to heat the tank (the tank has a jacket which can be used with oil or steam). Is it a stupid idea?

    Have a nice day!

    Greetings from Switzerland, Mike

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    Get a copy of the 'Kunze' book, Technology Brewing and Malting, has a diagram of a type of rectangular boil kettle, similar to the one used at the 'old' Albani Bryggerieme A/S, it was a 250 - 300hl batch size. Complete with viewing panels on the side, really interesting design. I viewed it along time ago can sketch you layout if you cant find any pictures of it. It produced some classic beer. I'm with you on this build. keep us updated.



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      Hi Mike,

      Not a stupid idea however, I would suggest that you try to fabricate any other type of vessel from your square tank. I have seen modified square dairy tanks work for mash tuns, fermenters, aging tanks, and other support vessels. Square shape is not optimal for these applications but it can work. I am not sure that you could generate a viable whirlpool form this vessel. I think you could boil wort in a pinch...but why try to when it 99+% of all beer is boiled in cylindrical vessels. I bet you could find a real inexpensive cylindrical vessel to modify as a boil kettle if you tried. I have worked with modified equipment that just barely worked and it is not the situation you want. Give me a call on WhatsApp if you would like me to elaborate. Cheers!

      Laurence Livingston
      Kettle and Still Consulting
      Laurence Livingston
      (541) 207-4880