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  • Tunnel Pasteurizer

    My much longer post didn't briefly, does anybody have real experience with Tunnel Pasteurizers and how they can be used on a Microbrewery scale?

    Much appreciated.

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    I've been looking into this, and it all depends on your target pasteurization units (PUS). But say you want to get up to 160 F for 10 minutes, that's 20 PUS, for a new tunnel expect to pay about 300,000 bucks, it's 30 feet long and 8 feet wide, need to power like 6-8 pumps for the water, need to pipe to steam and use 1 million BTU draw, possibly pipe to glycol....that's where I got off the merry go round.
    Eric O'Connor

    Thorn Street Brewery
    North Park, San Diego, CA


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      Hello, we use one due to down here we dont have any cold chain distribution, so its quite normal for us to buy this equipment. You don't have to spend that much, just 50-70K to get something nice running. It just consumes a lot of energy for sure but you can have a shelf stable beer for at least a year, and since we export to 8 different countries is much needed. If you need help and even a quote I can help.