Hi folks

We are a brewery currently in the late stages of development and need advice on sizing our glycol chiller loop components.

Some background on our fermentation equipment:
  • We have 6 x 350L (3 BBL) insulated plastic conical tanks with 13 meter (42 feet) chilling coils fitted into the lids. Diameter of the coil tubing is 3/8"
  • Our glycol chiller is a DIY job built from a 13000BTU portable AC. The glycol bath holds 35L (9.2 Gallons) of water/glycol
I am familiar with the configuration of a glycol loop, my question is around sizing of the following components:
  • The strength of the circulation pump - I am looking at using a standard submersible pond pump.
  • The glycol line pipe diameter - 1/2" or 3/4"?
  • Is my current 35L glycol bath too small? I can upgrade the size of the bath if necessary
I am happy to provide any more specifics.

Hope you all have a great weekend, Cheers!