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cheaper hose for drain lines

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  • cheaper hose for drain lines

    Hi Folks:

    Our brewery floor isn't the greatest (i know, i know...), so I am trying to come up w/ ways to minimize the cleanup mess. One idea one of my staff came up with was seeing about using a hose to attach the vessel drain fittings to hose that has an elbow on the other side angling down into the trench drain. Hi logic was that it'll allow the hose to lay flat on the floor and limit the mess from moving hoses around constantly during a CIP.

    Anyways, I'm investigating this today and I'd of course like not *not* spend $14+/foot on hose that is only going to see discharge usage. So I was looking at either Buna-N high pressure "lay flat" hose from McMaster (200F temperature rating, 250psi), or the Tigerflex heavy duty discharge hose (180F temperature rating, 60psi). These are way cheaper per foot, like $4 or so.

    Has anyone ever used these kinds of hoses for drains? Just to re-iterate, this is only for wash down drain purposes at the end of a CIP cycle. None of these hoses would ever see product. I'm just now sure how they'd hold up.


    The Alementary

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    Only experience I have had with layflat hose is that it flops around a lot if it has enough flow.


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      If i understand what you are doing its the same thing I do to keep the floors clean. I use my goodyear brewers hose for cleaning, but my drain hose I attach a short hose(~2ft) to the end of it and stick it in the drain. The short hose is just 3/4" PVC with a barbed triclamp fitting. I don't have a trench drain in the brewhouse just a 2" drain. I do this to keep everything in the hole.