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need help choosing a 10 bbl fv/brite

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  • need help choosing a 10 bbl fv/brite

    I need help choosing a 10 bbl fv/brite. I have looked around and have been thinking about gw kent. I think that I would rather spend more money on a company that has a reputable reputation and has been around and that has worked out all its problems. For the 8 serving vessels that I am putting in a cooler I was thinking of getting them from a cheaper place to save a little money. Am i crazy or does this make any sense any at all? Is it better to try to save money on a serving vessel rather than a fermenter? Any info/advice would be would be great.
    Thanks Jason

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    Shop by references, not by how long the company has been around. There are several good companies that operate out of china, I always point people to PBST, they have been very good to me so far, I have a 10bbl brew house, 4 10bbl FV, 2 10bbl brites, 4 20bbl FV and 2 20bbl brites from them, and will continue to use them as we grow. PM me if you want to get to some specifics about things. Not to say that there havent been any hiccups along the way, but Frank has done a very good job at making sure we are not left stranded.


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      Chhosing a manufacturer


      I'd be happy to send you a quote and can send references if you need.

      Check out our customers here!

      ABS Commercial uses the same equipment we sell. We invite you to Raleigh to tour our warehouse and the brewery at our sister company, Raleigh Brewing Company:

      Scott Thurston
      ABS Commercial
      Sales Consultant
      (919) 400-9087 x1017


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        Portland kettleworks

        I would highly recommend Portland Kettleworks from Portland, Oregon.
        We're running on a 7 bbl system from them overe here in Norway. Their tanks are really great. Efficent design on cooling jackets, racking arm in the right place. Good capacity, top manway. 3 ports, probe, sample cock and cap or carb stone for uni-tanking.

        If you have any questions about their tanks or working with them in general, please feel free to ask.

        Marius Graff
        Graff Brygghus, Norway.
        Marius Graff,
        Head Brewer, Graff Brygghus
        Tromsų, Norway


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          Recommendation on FV Brite

          There are some good USA manufacturers on the East Coast that may be closer to you and save you money on transporting. For your main system I would not use anything from outside of the united states ( MT, LT, HLT ). For the FV & Brite you can get away with CHinese however many neglect to polish some of the thru wall ports well leaving areas for bacteria to cling. The Boil Kettle will always take some heat and will eventually spider crack and have issues. Especially if cladding is in place. We have a 10bbl brite from Glacier Tanks being finished right now. They make some good equipment using Chinese SS however they do the final fab work at their Washington location. Everything else will be built by Brewbilt in Nevada City, CA just north of us a little. If anything goes wrong I know I have the Manufacturer close by to assist. When all hell breaks loose its nice to be able to reach out and touch someone!!!!


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            You can't go wrong with Premier Stainless Systems both for the quality of the equipment and the after sale support and warranty. Check them out here on Probrewer.