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2x 5bbl brewhouse or 1x 10bbl for brewpub

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  • 2x 5bbl brewhouse or 1x 10bbl for brewpub

    I have been toying around with the idea of two 5 barrel skid systems vs a single 10 barrel for a brew pub. Reason is we want to be able to have a wider variety of beers. It would be nice to be able to have the flexibility to brew just one 5bbl session, two styles in one day and to double batch of 10bbl on each system for the small amount of distribution we will have or big sellers. Price wise it's pretty close.

    I realize we will have double the cleaning but at the same time the smaller brewhouse is easier to work with due to the smaller volumes.

    Also if we were to have a brew house failure on one we have a second not shutting down production.

    This also takes in consideration that space wasn't an issue.

    One problem I see is if the brewer is doing both batches in one day and something is wrong with the first batch while the second batch is started behind it, it would be distracting keeping both running at the same time because the day doesn't always go as planned.

    Any thoughts?

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    My two cents...

    Just get one 10bbl system. I've seen brewpubs with zero distribution have a hard time keeping up with demand if they don't have enough fermenters and brites. Use the space you would save by eliminating the second system in order to cram in as many fermenters and brites as you can. The bottle neck won't be because you don't have multiple brew systems, it will be with not having adequate cellar capacity. I've seen 10bbl breweries with 30bbl cellar tanks. And I'm sure that those breweries wish they had 30bbl systems with 90bbl cellar tanks!


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      Go with the one 10bbl system, then make sure the heating jackets are built right so you can run 5bbl batches if you need to. Also, make sure your FV's have the temp probe low enough to sense in a 5bbl batch.


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        Speaking from actual experience...

        If space isn't an issue, but cleaning is, consider this: I've worked at a brew house with a CLT/HLT, 2x mash/lauter, 2x boil, and one whirlpool. In your situation, it would be probably a good idea to figure out what you could double up on (i.e. Have 2 mash vessels but one of everything else) and figure how a brewery could work if you stagger mashing and boiling appropriately. Cuts down on cleaning if you only need onE kettle, but keeps your options for varieties open. Your call


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          Get the 10 bbl, If you want to move beer quickly you can always sell the excess kegs
          Around town


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            Thanks for the responses from everyone. Some good info.

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