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    So first a little bit of background. We currently have an organic, floor malt, malt house in Nova Scotia. We are looking at putting in a very small (1bbl) brewery as a showcase for the malt, to promote malt forward beers, and as a draw to get people into our doors. We won't be selling off site, except for the occasional tap take over and through bottles to specialty wine/beer stores (the government here has a monopoly on liquor sales).

    We are looking at plastic fermenters primarily because justifying the cost of stainless at this point is difficult. We are looking at the 40 Gallon Ace Roto Mold Full Drain Inductor Tank from Plastic Mart. I've done a lot of reading on the pros and cons of plastic, and I am comfortable with choosing plastic for our purposes.

    My question is regarding air locks for this set up. I can't find/haven't found much information. The "best" solution I've come across is a hose into a bucket. This really seems shoddy to me. Does any one have any tips for air locking plastic?


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    spiedel makes a bigger airlock i use on 15 gal barrels .
    just need a hole . the air lock is a rubber stopper .

    just be above krausen .
    and temp controll on a non jacketed ferm ? and the lack of crashing ?


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      Temp control isn't an issue. The room we'll be fermenting in is temp control to 65F. And with 1 bbl fermenters glycol is just overkill.