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Haffmans Co2 Gehaltemeter problems

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  • Haffmans Co2 Gehaltemeter problems

    Hi good people,

    Having quite a bit of trouble with the readings on our gehaltemeter. Getting super inconsistent (and inaccurate) readings.
    I am not sure if this is silly or not, but i have a feeling it might have to do with the amount of foam from the sample tap. Struggling to fill the chamber of the Haffmans properly because of the amount of foam. Finally do manage but I am under the impression that we are pressurising the chamber too much (by forcing in beer and barely letting any out) or something because the readings often comes out about 3 volumes higher than expected/calculated based on carbonation charts etc and sensory from packaged product.

    Does it makes sense that we are pressurising or otherwise causing operator related errors? would a pigtail Zwickel help with the issue of getting a good flow going?

    Sorry, I realise this is not the clearest post, so please do ask follow up questions if it will help clarify

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    My suspicion is that you have a torn o-ring that's letting pressure from your beer source influence your reading. When the gehaltemeter takes a measurement, it should completely seal itself off so the pressure comes entirely from CO2 in the beer. If you turn off your beer supply just before closing your gehaltemeter plunger and the pressure drops dramatically, that would point to a leak on chamber inlet. I wouldn't trust that measurement as representative of your beer either, though, because CO2 might break out of the beer and escape the chamber between closing the beer supply and closing the gehaltemeter.

    How often do you remove the plunger and throttle valve to inspect and lubricate the o-rings? I try to do it monthly because I've had problems in the past after letting it go longer. This is interesting to me because artificially low pressures due to leaking is far more common. (which, in addition to torn o-rings, can be caused by having the throttle valve too far open).