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  • Co2 carbonation testers

    Hi friends,

    anyone have experience, preferences, suggestions for any of the following? wondering what to get. Inclined to go with the Zahm:

    Thanks for your input

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    re there any alternative options for the Zahm clamping device assembly? our BBT's don't have perlick assemblies


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      We've had our old Zahm for 20 years now. It was purchased used. We recently had the thermometer upgraded from the old MIG to a dial. The MIG was too sensitive to shock, which would separate the column and give very bad readings.

      We now have two. That's how valuable these are. The others you listed have too much plastic to last, and/or too complicated.

      Zahm stocks all parts at reasonable prices, and has a good shop if you need repairs (very unlikely). I go over ours and replace all gaskets about once a year. Pretty easy to do.

      The Zahm clamping device threads into the valve with 1/8 NPT threads, so you can unscrew it and use whatever you need to.
      Timm Turrentine

      Terminal Gravity Brewing,
      Enterprise. Oregon.


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        Get the Zahm and never think about it again....

        With that said, I have used the TapRite side by side with the Zahm at least a handful of times and they are virtually identical in reading carbonation. The TapRite is cheaper, but you get what you pay for. It’s plastic, but at least it is fairly durable plastic. It doesn’t use a perlick, it’s just tubing so you can adapt as needed. I have had to replace gaskets on both, no biggie.

        I will always prefer te Zahm.


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          Here Here. For the zahm. Went to a brewery that had the Foxx tester it’s cheaply made, and you simply let “some” beer out till the gauge reads 0. Seems to me one would want to remove the same quantity each time. Never liked it
          Mike Eme