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Walk in Cooler Failure

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  • Walk in Cooler Failure

    Our walk in/serving cooler went out today and won't be back up and running until Tuesday. We have 4-4bbl tanks stacked two high and a single 8bbl tank along with about 8 kegs in the roughly 12x12x12 room.

    I'm trying to figure out what to do for the 4-5days to maintain the beer. Worst case scenario I could move the kegs to the storage cooler, but the tanked beer would still be stuck in the cooler and I don't have nearly enough kegs to keg it all off. I am hoping the thermal mass of the beer will maintain the cool temperature in the room for at least a couple days. Our first plan was to put bags of ice on top of the kegs. This doesn't seem like a great plan though. I've also been considering getting a portable air conditioner but wasn't sure if that would be able to cool as much as we would need.

    ...that's all I've got. I sure wish the cooler was connected to the outside and I could just open a window or vent :/

    Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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    broken cold room

    Get a window air conditioner and put it in the doorway, use foam board to fill the rest of the door opening. It won't cool it well but it'll at least keep it at 60 so the ice won't melt as fast. Then buy a coolbot A/C controller as a backup for future use (I bought one and their shipping time is kind of pathetically slow in this day and age - took a week to get here with 1-2 day priority shipping)

    Or better yet, find someone that can loan you a coolbot and A/C unit. Its not ideal but the coolbot with the properly sized A/C unit should keep the room around 38 degrees.
    Another brewery, maybe a farmer or florist?

    I'd say from the name you are in Colorado?


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      Can you use outside air to cool it? I know it's plenty cold here. I had to thaw our pub beer cooler out yesterday when it got down to 15F in there.
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