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small jacketed cylindo-conical fermenters

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  • small jacketed cylindo-conical fermenters

    I am in the market for 10 x 4 bbl fermenters.
    Any recommendations for a vendor?

    I am looking for conventional design, stainless 'stainless ' and good 'fit and finish'.

    I have seen some awful quality in tanks sourced from china, so am wary of the confusing array of vendors who seem to sell tanks from the same 2 nor 3 factories under different names.

    Have you recently bought good tanks from offshore manufacturers or from USA based vendors who claim they control the QC on tanks from offshore manufacturers ?

    Who amongst the USA manufacturers is the most 'cost effective'?

    Paul Farnsworth

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    Glacier Tanks

    Hi Paul,

    Your caution and wariness is completely understandable. There are some fantastic manufacturers, both home and abroad, but there is also a lot of shoddy workmanship out there. We design all of our tanks in house in Vancouver, Washington. While our tank manufacturing facility is overseas, it is not in China, so our tank prices have not been impacted by tariffs from the current trade war. Unlike some of our competitors we do not drop ship directly to our customer from our manufacturing facility. Drop shipping directly does cut down on lead times but a critical quality control step is missed and can lead to issues with the tanks functioning properly, or at all. We bring every tank to our headquarters in Vancouver, WA for thorough quality control inspections ensuring that when you receive the tank it will work from day one. We take pride in the quality of our tanks and we hope this shows when the tanks arrive at your doorstep, polished, and ready to use.

    Please feel free to give me a call 360-953-8453 or email ( ) if you have any questions or would like a quote.