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Insulation on a brew kettle

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    Originally posted by Bigredwelder View Post
    Hey Rick, the insulation you are talking about is readily available, as are the pins to attach it. I'll PM you some info.
    I'm interested in that info too. I'm trying to insulate a single wall 7 to 10 bbl tank for use as an electric HLT.


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      I would like the insulation information also

      Hey Red
      Could you pm me the insulation link please?

      Iron John BC


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        I'll describe how someone I know did something similar. your mileage may vary.

        high temp adhesive, pumice type stones, rockwool insulation rolls.

        they shaved the stones to lay flat against the round tank, and then to sit just below the height of the rockwoll. about 2inch if I recall. they glued the stones around the tank near the bottom, middle and top.

        they wrapped the rockwool around the tank, notching it wherever the stones were. they then took stainless steel banding and wrapped the rock wool to keep it in place. (remember the stone is just below the face of the rock wool). it compressed the wool just enough to hold it in place, but no so much as to defeat the insulation properties.

        kinda itchy, not pretty, but easy to do. if I recall they'd replace the top roll every so often as it would get wort and crap stuck into fibers, and it wasn't really something you could wash out. but it was cheap enough that they didn't care.