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what size co2 tanks? how often do you refill?

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  • what size co2 tanks? how often do you refill?

    For those of you using co2 tanks, for a nano brewery (2-3bbl) what size tanks do you have? how many do you have? how often do you have them filled?



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    I worked in a 3-4 BBL brewery and we used a 100LB cylinder in the fermentation room and a few 20LB cylinders as backup, serving gas and for mobile use. I'm thinking we refilled each tank somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-6 times per year (resort area, super busy summer, very slow winter). The brewery was half an hour away from the nearest airgas station, so it was kind of a pain, but doable. Towards the end of my tenure there, they got an exterior bulk co2 tank, though I don't know the size. If you're in a convenient location to get bottles refilled, I think the 100/20LB cylinders would be fine for's what I plan on using in my 3.5BBL setup.


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      It depends. How many beers are you going to have on tap? Are you serving sodas? Hours open? Projected clientele number? Transferring using CO2? Close to gas supplier?

      For my brewpub, which has a 5BBL brewhouse, 21 beers on tap, and numerous soda guns, I have two 750# bulk tanks. Depending on how much production I'm doing (winter vs. summer, etc.) dictates how often I have them filled. Usually average about 6-8 weeks between fills in the busy season. Both tanks aren't empty, though, usually I have 1/2 a tank left when I order more. We're also in a remote area so it means we need to store more onsite since deliveries can be tricky sometimes as far as timing goes.

      Since you appear to be in an urban area, phishheadmi's advice is probably a good place to start. You can always add more storage if you need it.