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  • PRV/VRV placement advice

    We have FVs and brite tanks that vary from 7bbl to 15bbl to 30 bbl and our various PRV/VRVs blow at 16-18psi and 30-32psi.....They seem to currently be on tanks randomly? What is the thought around how they should be placed? Placed based on tank size? based on tank function? ...and which rating should go where? Thoughts?

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    The first question is what pressure are the tanks rated to?


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      Trick question?

      Obviously they should be placed above any possible fill level. At the top of the dome, and a bit off-center is where I put them. And always 1 bar=15psi. Unless you have appropriate ASME-stamped unfired pressure vessel. That shows as a clover-leaf "U" on a prominent escutcheon. It will always bear the pressure rating, as well.
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        I agree with these guys. The tanks will tell you what the appropriate pressure for the relief should be, based on the design pressure. Pressure/vacuum relief should be as close as possible to the main volume of the vessel. While some like to tee off the CIP/blow-off arm and add a PVRV, I would suggest this is a bad practice.

        I will also state that I personally prefer ASME, but I would not hesitate to use European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) verified equipment. I will also be watching the ASME carefully to see if/when they pull the ole UL/NFL game and quietly switch from non-profit to for-profit.