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  • Butterfly Valve Seats

    Hi all,
    Our brewpub has 3 or more manufacturers of 1 1/2" and 2" T.C. butterfly valves in place and I need to replace the valve seats/gaskets desperately. Some move 360 deg. and have black plastic handles with no markings. Some look very similar to above but have the Cipriani "C" I think. Others are blue handled and look like GW Kent stainless although they are marked "Candigra".

    What is the best source? Is there a one stop shop?

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    I use Key Industrial in Napa CA. They are pretty on top of the different ones, as well as sell all the rest of the stainless and rubber stuff you may want. 800 852-5270 x214 Will and if he personally doesn't know, someone there will.


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      Try Robert-James Sales, INC.
      Tim Butler

      Empire Brewing Co.
      Syracuse, NY


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        Found another supplier

        Thanks for all the recommendations!
        I contacted Carlsen and Associates-
        When I called TriCanada, the importers/makers of the valves, they directed me there. They requested samples of the seats that I need so I get exactly the right size. I guess we'll see if that works.

        Thanks for the help!


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          Valve seat source...

          I got about 30 valve seat replacements for my 1.5", black handled, unmarked TC valves from Price Rubber Co. in Manteca, CA. ( Prices were VERY reasonable... something like 16 bucks a piece for what I got, if memory serves?

          I found them through a brewer on this site who had them create a new mold to fill his similar need. Great company to work with, and the seats work beautifully, sealing in a 25F room as well as at near boiling operating temps.

          If you are not sure if it's the right valve seat, have them send you a free sample. If it's not right, they can custom fab anything, but that will likely run you a little more.

          Their phone is 209-239-7478.