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    We're looking at expanding our production brewery from 1 to 15ish bbls. Most of the systems this size I see seem to be 'space conserving' and feature 2 vessel systems with combi tanks. I'm thinking these are space saving features. Our potential new space is gi-normous and I'm thinking a multi vessel system wish separate hot and cold liquor tanks, separate mash and lauter tuns, separate boil kettle, and separate whirlpool would be better - especially if we think we may do any double or in-series batching. Am I wrong in this logic? It looks like my choices for used systems in this size range are limited to mostly 2 vessel systems. Is it possible to add the liquor tanks and separate whirlpools later? Do the advantages of pumping the entire mash go beyond doing double batches? I'm also assuming that 2 vessel system have batch-size/gravity limitations in the mash tun and liquor tank. My current system is very much HLT and MLT limited. Thanks, all.

    Chris Burcher, Wolf Hills
    Abingdon, VA

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    first off, I hate you! no space restrictions??? WTF?!?

    Seriously though, one of the first things that pops to my mind about my stacked combi-vessel (HLT on the bottom and mash/lauter on top) is the heat/energy conservation from the HLT to the mash tun. If you can accomplish the same tasks with a used "small footprint" system, why buy the extra tanks? Spend the extra money on packaging or marketing or, dare I say (DARE, DARE!) brewer's salary!

    my two cents......

    Glacier Brewing Company

    "who said what now?"


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      Thanks, Dave,

      One of the nice things about being in the middle of nowhere - real estate!
      Chris Burcher, Wolf Hills
      Abingdon, VA


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        One of the only issues I had with the Combitun setup was water quantity. I would have to mash in and then top off the HLT to bring it back up to temp.

        I rarely have understood the reason to have a seperate mash tun and lauter tun. The only reason I can see it is if you are doing multi step mashes.

        As far as the whirlpool I say get a kettle with one.

        Just because you have the space does not mean you need to fill it up instantly either.

        Use your extra space to get storage tanks and fermenters. Oh and the salary is nice too...

        Mike Pensinger
        General Manager/Brewmaster
        Parkway Brewing Company
        Salem, VA