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DE filter bell leak

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  • DE filter bell leak

    We have a 4sq m DE leaf filter that has worked great for the past 4 years. Recently, we noticed that once the filter is filled and we turn the pump on, water starts to pour out from around the bell gasket. We figured it was the gasket, but after replacing it, still leaked. We have a new clamp on order to eliminate variables. Also, when we place the bell on a flat surface, it appears to be slightly warped, but seems minimal enough that the gasket would seat properly. Has anyone run into anything similar? Suggestions?

    Also, the bell doesn't leak when we fill it or when we are recirculating, only leaks when we pulling from and returning to the dosing tank. We have check the pathways and have found no blockages.

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    DE Filter Leak

    I have experienced erratic leaks in the pump of a DE filter before that was near impossible to solve. One day while replacing the seals once again, I finally noticed a pinhole leak in the outer housing of the stainless Pump. DE is a very abrasive material and can eat through stainless. A little tack weld and it was all good.
    Jason Raimondi
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      "We have a new clamp on order to eliminate variables. Also, when we place the bell on a flat surface, it appears to be slightly warped"

      Not good.

      This is a pressure vessel. Seriously dangerous.

      Obvious perhaps. Still. With the recent pressure related tragedies in our world...has to be said.

      How serious is the leak? (Volume/min)

      Be safe.


      Liam McKenna


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        Couldn't agree more. By "warped" I was refering to when placed on a flat surface and rocked back and forth, it is not perfectly flat. A varience of 1/16in or less. We would not be using it if we felt it to be unsafe. Guessing on the leak volume, 1gal/min.


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          The bell on my filter has to go on a certain way. There are arrows pointing out exactly how it goes on. Not saying yours does but I would check. Then if it does not, check to see if the seat where the bell meets the housing is not slightly warped. If so you may be able to turn the bell until it fits snug. Just a thought, good luck.
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            Thanks, no arrows on ours. The strangest thing is it has worked flawlessly for over 4 years, and just started leaking recently. My cellerman was able to stop the leak by cranking down the clamp really tight as a short term solution. Hopefully when the new clamp arrives, it will solve the problem, if nothing else eliminate a variable....