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40x40 plate and frame filter issues/questions

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  • 40x40 plate and frame filter issues/questions

    So I just got a new 40x40 Letina Filter I have used it 3 times so far. We use 4.5 micron pads and our Pilsner takes 2 and a half hours to filter 30 bbl but our ales take 4-6 hours with the same micron pads. this leads me to a few questions.

    is 4.5 micron pads to small to run an ale on?

    How long dose it take you guys to filter your beers?

    Is there a trick or something that I can do to improve my filter times?

    What micron size do you use?

    Do you use different size micron pads for different beers? ales to lagers?

    Any information that any of you have of your experience with plate and frame filters would be much appreciated.


    Patrick Arvesen
    Evil Czech Brewery

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    I tried filters that fine when I first started with my plate and frame and gave up quickly. I filter all our beers with XE75 pads rated at 8-12 microns. Plenty clear for us! 10 bbls of well settled beer in less than 45 minutes with only CO2 push.
    Mike Pensinger
    General Manager/Brewmaster
    Parkway Brewing Company
    Salem, VA


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      We use the Seitz/Pall HS 1600's (3-6 micron) for anything we want really clear (Kolsch), and HS6000s for anything I just want dryhops and any larger chunkies out of, like IPA.

      On a good day it takes about an hour, hour and 15 for 10bbls of kolsch, and 45 minutes or less for ales run with the 6000's. Trick is to prep the beer for filtering, not force it. So having it cold, and fined, for a few days minimum, makes a world of difference. A bad day with a cloudy, unflocculant yeast, or one where we get protein gel gunking everything up, can take three hours or more per 10bbls.

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      Russell Everett
      Co-Founder / Head Brewer
      Bainbridge Island Brewing
      Bainbridge Island, WA