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  • Biofine Effectiveness

    Hi everyone..

    Does anyone else find that the effectiveness of Biofine Clear diminishes over time after the jug has been opened? My beers clear up almost over night when the jug is freshly opened, but take up to 2-3 days as the jug gets closer to empty... thoughts?

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    I have found that some of it will settle out over time in the bottle. Before using, I just give the bottle a good shake for a bit and that seems to get it back to normal. It always works great on the few beers I do clarify.



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      I always shake the bottle before using. I have not seen any loss of effectiveness over the course of a bottle. It takes about 5 batches (~ 2+ weeks) to go thru each bottle.
      Dave Cowie
      Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company
      Nevada City, CA


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        Biofine/Nalco 1072 is very temperature sensitive. Do not store it in the fridge, store it in an area that stays at least 60F. I've educated our suppliers, as they used to store it cold, and it will cause the active ingredient to precipitate out. Best way to check this is to use a hydrometer, and measure the density. if its below 1.209, then you have lost some effectiveness, and you will need to use more than usuall. The ideal range is 1.209-1.220