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  • More Biofine questions

    1:What type of setups are used for bubbling co2 up thru the conical bottom port when mixing biofine? carb stone and sight glass?

    2:Is there a single pump that will work for both recirculating beer for fining and hops after dryhopping that won't hammer the beer?


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    Most people I have met do not use a carb stone when looking to mix by co2. The goal is not dissolution of gas, but rather the physical mechanics of mixing. Larger bubbles should move faster and possibly agitate more, theoretically mixing better.

    I still believe the best method is in-line injection during transfer to BBT, but mixing with a centrifugal pump is possible as well. I don’t know about “hammering” the beer, but spinning pump impellers too fast can cause “shearing” of the beer. A VFD pump can be controlled to a reasonable recirculating rate. Typically transfer pumps have this ability, although you must also watch for leaky seals that can allow dissolved oxygen. A peristaltic pump is probably the very best option for gentle mixing, but is not practical in most cases.


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      Originally posted by UnFermentable View Post
      I still believe the best method is in-line injection during transfer to BBT,
      This. We don't clarify many beers but when we do we use the injection method and then immediately carbonate the beer in the brite, which I'm sure mixes it up more. The beer falls crystal clear in a day.



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        Thank you for the information. Today I dosed for a second time thru the racking arm. We have 7bbl uni's so I used a ball lock gas post to ball valve to sight glass to 6" spool to 1 1/2 butterfly valve. Luckily when filled to the BF valve its 375ml, so a minimal amount of air if any is left. I setup a carb stone in a sight glass in the dump port and bubbled up through for 10 minutes. Hopefully it will be clear tomorrow.


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          I racked a seltzer the other day, adding biofine/Nalco in two 'doses' as it racked to try to ensure good mixing. A check yesterday (at 24 hours) showed zero results as it was still as hazy as it was...and I hand not holding my breath for success today.

          Presuming a check at 48 hours is a no-go, what are my options? Can I re-mix? Either bubbling CO2 or circulating from the bottom through the blowoff arm? Do I re-dose with Nalco? Thanks in advance.