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Velo Dosing pump issues

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  • Velo Dosing pump issues

    Our Velo 4m^2 filter just ran into an issue pulling o2 when running the dosing pump. We narrowed it down to that and we're pretty sure we found the failing threaded connection since the D.O level dropped when we taped up the joint with electrical tape. The DIN15 fitting that adapts to the check valve assembly on the stainless diaphragm pumps suction side has what looks like a straight thread and so does the check ball assembly. However, this fitting was wrapped up in hemp thread sealant and forced threaded into the fitting so hard that it was almost impossible to unscrew. Now it won't screw back in and I'm thinking of lathing off the threaded portions and directly welding the DIN fitting to it.

    Has anyone seen issues like this? I feel like using hemp to seal threads that shouldn't even get thread sealant in the first place seems like an issue. Also, I can't find any info on the diaphragm pump. We mainly brew lagers and this filter has us stuck in the mud.
    Chris Enegren

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    Often times those types of fitting you are describing had O-rings behind the hex. You may need to look at parts availability and the service life of the DIN member before you go to welding. Its been a long time since I laid tools on a Velo. If the doser is similar to Toffola, you may need to replace the diaphragm. There are sources for parts on postings on this forum. as well as a steal on a used Toffola filter on classifieds if its still available.
    Warren Turner
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