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  • Separator

    So, the CEO and the board of direcors has decided we need, initially, two tanks.
    One bright tank and one CCV. Both of them will be filled with three brews at 50-55hl.

    At the moment, our we filter our beer through a Pall Supradisc House with four 16 inch modules.

    Two new tanks are fantastic, but in my opinion I would rather but two used storage tanks and one new fermenter.
    And instead, buy and install a used separator.

    The process flow will be this: I run through 50*3 hl from the fermenters we have, through the separator ain into the storage tank, awaiting filtration
    Or I pump through the conents of the single 185hl fermenter o the storage tank via the separator.

    Pall filters can't handle much filter load. So we will save money there.
    It will save work time and we will have a much smoother production flow.

    Any other things I should take up with my boss at the meting in a few hours?

    Do you have any succes stories with a separator?
    Or perhaps it didn't work?

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    Maybe I'm not understanding completely, but why not just have the filter directly after the separator and do it all in one transfer? That's how we did it at another brewery I interned at.


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      We used to use a Pall SupraDisk (which I hated) and now use an Alpha Laval Brew 80 centrifuge (which I love). I'm also confused by your process. Are you going for sterile filtration? Do you can and or bottle? Or just keg? Often your sterile filtration is in line just after your separator or primary filtration before your bright or storage tanks. However some breweries place their sterile filtration in-line, between the bright/storage tank and the canning/bottling/kegging line. I think the Alpha Laval Brew 80 does a phenomenal job of removing solids loading and producing brilliantly clear beer, though it cannot accomplish sterile filtration.


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        Separator between fermenter and lager is what several larger breweries I have worked for does.

        You can dose your stabilizer and what else you want to dose on the way.
        The separator I have in mind has much greater flowthrough than the filter is capable of.

        You can only tune down the separator so much.

        How much did you people pay for your Alfa Laval Brew 80?