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Cutting Filter Sheets

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  • Cutting Filter Sheets

    Just wanted to say thanks in advance. We are a 4 BBL brewery in New Mexico and we use a 20x20 plate and frame filter. Whenever we order filters we can get 100 sheets of 20x20 for about $110 but we can get 100 sheets of 40x40 for $180. That's literally 4 times as much for nearly pennies more.

    If I can get access to a brand new food grade bandsaw can I just cut the filter sheets myself to save that extra money? That would effectively cut our costs by nearly 5 times. Even when we buy the regular Seitz sheets there's always plenty of overhang so there shouldn't be a problem with getting perfect cuts especially with a jig.

    Anyone else done this?

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    I would do some careful checking of the actual sheet sizes before you order anything. The sheets need to be slightly larger than the filter frames / plates - say 1/2 inch or 1 cm. You don't say if dimensions are cm or inches, so I am going with cm, but the same principal applies if inches.

    So the filter sheets for a nominal 20 cm filter will be slightly larger at about 22 cm square, and an 80 cm filter will use sheets about 82 cm square. There may well not be enough oversizing to allow you to cut 4 sheets from a single larger one.

    If you carefully measure the plate/frame dimensions and get the exact sheet sizes, you may get away with it, but I suspect not. Don't skimp on the overlap / oversize as they need a decent one (as undoubtedly you know already) to ensure a good seal in spite of the inevitable misalignment of the plates and frames.


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      I would look into getting a custom diecutter made that perfectly cuts the sheet for you.