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Pall Corp suddenly shutting down GeneDisc PCR

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  • Pall Corp suddenly shutting down GeneDisc PCR

    We got an email early this morning from Pall Corp that they were shutting down the plant in France that makes the GeneDisc PCR products and discontinuing the entire line. We tried to order from their online catalog and all of the GeneDisc kits had been removed.

    It looks like we have an expensive machine that is going the way of the 8-track player. Anyone else in the same boat? What options are you looking at?

    Linus Hall
    Yazoo Brewing
    Nashville, TN

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    Sounds like a great business opportunity. Might just have to get on with the Patent rights pretty much.

    The algae for petri works best in my opinion if your looking for wilds.

    The old rule for smooth and wavy for yeast top vs bottom too.