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Inline turbidity meter recommendations

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  • Inline turbidity meter recommendations

    Greetings hive mind,
    I am looking for recommendations for an inline sanitary turbidity meter to tie in post centrifuge. We would like to run some of our hazy, dry hopped beers through the centrifuge to remove heavy particulates that will floc out anyway but I want to be able to have a set range of turbidity to increase consistency with multiple operators.

    Can anyone provide a specific model/ manufacturer of a turbidity meter that you use? Also, what kind of price range should I expect to pay?

    Thanks in advance and cheers!

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    I've used Sigrist, Endress & Hauser, Optek and Haffmans ones for various purposes including ex centrifuge, ex filtration and wort runoff. I can't say one appeared to be better than any other as no comparative trials were carried out before installation but they all did what was asked of them. No idea of current prices for any of them though.