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Citric Acid for storage

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  • Citric Acid for storage

    Can anyone help me out with some dilution ratios for mixing a 1% citric acid solution for Pall 16" filters?


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    As far as I know, there isn't any trick to it. With pure (100%) citric acid crystals, you'd use 10 grams to make one liter (or 1.28 ounces to make one US gallon).

    With a citric acid solution just check the strength of the solution and do the math. If you were using a 70% solution, for example: 10 grams (of pure citric required per liter) / .70 (concentration of liquid citric) = 14.28 grams (liquid citric per liter).


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      Dilution calculator:
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        Thanks dudes. Storing filter mods is totally new to me.


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          What're the thoughts on adding it in? Citric through the top, fill housing with water? Premix and pump in?
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            When you read the Pall literature it says not to use Caustic and Peracetic acid and recommends citric acid.

            After you talk to your rep more, they have a document that says: while caustic and peracid are not recommended, here are some procedures that people use with caustic and peracid... so they don't want liability.

            Generally when we clean, we follow backflush cleaning procedure both out the top and the bottom and then when the discharge is clear, let it rest 20 min and do it again until it is clear. We then do a hot flush and bring the temperature above 75C. I let it cool off on it's own overnight. Rather than pressurizing the bowl, i open the top valve and run the hose into a bucket of sanitizer so that as it cools and contracts it does not pull a vaccuum on the bowl or suck air in. In the morning i drain the water and push a low concentration peracid sanitizer in. i leave it for as much as a week at a time like this.

            I am on my second set of cartridges with the first having lasted over 10 months!


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              I would premix the citric acid solution and then pump it in or push it in with CO2.

              Just pouring the citric in through the top, I'd be worried that the water would permeate the filter material long before the citric was dissolved, and no idea how well the citric acid would diffuse into the filter material over time. If premixed though, I'd feel better about the filter material getting saturated by citric solution and not just water.


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                Per our manual and rep we use 1% citric with addition of 500 ppm Sodium or Potassium Metabisulfite for storage. You might want to check on only using Citric without the additional metabisulfite