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Toffola Microfiltration System

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  • Toffola Microfiltration System

    Myself and the Brewmaster recently went to see a Demo on one of these units at Bohemian Brewery in SLC.
    This rig is the Rolls Royce of Filters at first impression and with several notable benetfits to running a powder plate machine.
    Once set up, the process is fully automated and can be run remotely. This can inculde CIP if you set everything up as such and can happen overnight, after the run if you like.
    The Titanium-Ceramic Elements are warranted for 10 years, but we are told they have never seen any fail. This is with machines in the field for quite some time.
    The system has onboard Glycol HX, so you do not gain any temperature during process as with the Mondo NF-10 which heats the product considerably.
    No media to mess with. The unit is PLC controlled with a large number of Pneumatically actuated solenoids. As thus you need Process air, Glycol,and Power to run.
    There is an on board chemical pump of the diaphragm type. Compared to some of the older Technology Plate and Media type machines it comes off as quite a bit more reliable based on my own experience in dealing with problems that can happen. The Filtration times can run longer for a unit that is comparable in price to the NF machine we are currently running.
    Unlike media machines these things do not require babysitting and tending once the run is started. Certain operating parameters can be optimized after some experience is gained with the system.
    Warren Turner
    Industrial Engineering Technician
    HVACR-Electrical Systems Specialist
    Moab Brewery
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