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    So I've got one of these filters,, in line on the hot side intake for my heat exchanger. Every brew results in me cursing and swearing and ultimately ending up with skinned knuckles or bruises trying to pull out the filter housing for cleaning.

    Does anyone have one of these? Care to enlighten me on the easy way to get the inside guts out for cleaning (if one exists) so that my neighbor and any children walking by don't have to hear a bunch of colourful metaphors?

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    Is this something you really need, is what I'd ask myself.


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      I had a similar filter, but it was only a single. Before CIP at the end of the brew day, I always took it apart and cleaned it by hand as it would get a lot of hop particles in it.

      There really isn't an easy way to clean it. If yours is exactly like the picture, I'd try to find a way to support the bottom and top sections so you can remove the filter section via the tri-clamps. At least that will keep you from having to grab a wrench.

      And yes, it is necessary with the design of the whirlpool---I'm guessing you don't have a trub dam, so the only thing keeping the heat exchanger from getting plugged is the filter.



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        I remember this.

        Way back when, our solution was to install another unit in parallel (two Y's, four valves to independently isolate each unit etc.)

        Didn't make them easier to clean, just easier to finish your cool in without killing someone.


        Liam McKenna


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          Well, your filter looks cool but I can imagine it being a pain in the ass. Here's what I use pre heat-exchanger:

          This one is easy to install/remove, relatively easy to clean, and greatly reduces the amount of cleaning I have to do on my heat-x. Good luck man.

          Geoff Logan
          Head Brewer
          Williamsburg AleWerks