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  • Freight class / NMFC number

    Can anyone help me out here? I am looking for the freight class number for empty 1/4 barrels. Or maybe the NMFC number for these kegs....? This is in regards to a freight quote. Thanks for your help!

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    freight class

    I did some searching for kegs in the NMFC codes. Most of what i found (in the free searches) were powder kegs, and items labelled "keg" that were not pertinent to brewing.
    That being said, your freight company should be able to look this information up for you. Knowing the codes, and quoting appropriately is their business and responsibility. Just inform them that the 1/4 barrels are empty containers used for the storage of beer, and provide the dimensions and an approximate weight of the pallet(s). This should allow them to at least provide the initial pricing. They can then look up the NMFC code in their tables (that they have already paid for) for the exact tariff that the kegs should be quoted for.

    Not exactly the answer you were most likely hoping for, but I hope this helps at least get you on the right track.



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      Fortunately my notes are better than my memory. In 2005 we shipped reconditioned Cornies from Sabco as:
      Containers, carbonated beverage 5-10 gal. Item 52800-02, Class 110
      1/2 bbl kegs shipped as:
      Barrels, Drums, Kegs Nol, liquid Item 52800-01, Class 92.5

      The lower the class the cheaper the rate as I recall.
      Clarke Pelz
      Cynosure Brewing


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        Thanks !

        Thanks Clarke ! That really help alot. I had spoken with the freight man and he was talking about class 200, which as you correctly state would be more expensive. Now I have the NMFC number to back it. Thanks again.


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          Originally posted by mtbc
          The lower the class the cheaper the rate as I recall.
          The class, I'm told, is actually the amount (%) freight is discounted from the published price, i.e. $100.00 of class 100 = $100.00, $100.00 of class 50 = $50.00, $100.00 of class 200 = $200.00, $100.00 of class 92.5 = $92.50.
          Cheers & I'm out!
          David R. Pierce
          NABC & Bank Street Brewhouse
          POB 343
          New Albany, IN 47151


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            I had a similar experience. I believe the person working up the quotes saw "beer keg" and figured "beer bottle" was the closest fit. They're quote was the out lier.
            Clarke Pelz
            Cynosure Brewing


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              So the plot thickens...

              I'm talking to customer service from the freight broker, and he told me that 30 liter (1/4 barrels) are classified as a class 200. I informed him that an acquaintance had shipped them in Class 110 (see post from MTBC). His response was that maybe the freight company had a deal with the manufacturer where they were able to transport the kegs "FAK" meaning "freight of all kinds" - i.e. at a reduced price/risk level. He wasn't budging on doing them Class 110, scaring me with possible fines if they get re-classified by the carrier. End of story - transport 50 1/4 barrels (1 pallet space) from Denver to LA for $1000. Is this normal??

              Has no one had these issues before?


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                Seems high but then again I haven't shipped empties in a while. How many pallets was that?

                I seem to remember shipping 36 empty 1/2bbls from Saratoga to outside of Philly several years ago for $50. Then again diesel was like $1.5/gal


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                  Hey einhorn-

                  Interesting. We received some Geemacher kegs in a 20' container recently. I've e-mailed our shipper to see what class they shipped. I quickly googled NMFC hoping to find classification numbers on line, but looks like you've got to buy a $200 book from the National Motor Freight Traffic Association.

                  This site: recommended:
                  "1) Call the Manufacturer of the item you are shipping and ask them what the freight
                  class is.
                  Manufacturers know the freight class of their own products. ...

                  2) Call the National Motor Freight Traffic Association at 1-703-838-1810. The NMFTA
                  are the freight class experts, as they established the freight classifications."

                  Both seem like good suggestions for the determined shipper.
                  Clarke Pelz
                  Cynosure Brewing


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                    Just to update this thread:
                    I just received a freight quote from to ship empty 1/2 bbl kegs. The class they designated for the empty kegs is 125.
                    The mystery of the fright class continues.......

                    Glacier Brewing Company

                    "who said what now?"


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                      I have always used freight class 65, and never had a problem. By the pallet, around $225 per pallet for about 450 miles was the highest so far.
                      Linus Hall
                      Yazoo Brewing
                      Nashville, TN