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  • Freight Class for Fermenters

    What freight class do you use when shipping stainless fermenters?

    The reason I ask is I just purchased our first two fermenters, off a ProBrewer listing no less, and have run into a bit of a snag. Since I have never shipped two fermenters LTL freight before, let alone anything else for that matter, I took the time to call around for several quotes before selecting a freight line. One thing that became quickly apparent was the importance of selecting the correct freight class. One of the first questions each company asked me was the freight class of the items I was shipping. Since I had absolutely no idea, I asked each company that very same question. After much back and forth, every company told me the same thing, Class 70. And one freighter even gave me what he thought was the NMFC number for Stainless Tanks: 181390. Armed with this info, and the various quotes from each freight line, I made my choice, prepaid the shipment, drew up a Bill of Lading, and scheduled a pickup. Case closed. NOT!

    Received a call today from the freight line stating that there was a problem with my shipment. First thing that entered my mind was the truck wrecked and the tanks were totaled. Instead, it seems the "density of my shipment is wrong" and they need to change my freight class from 70 to 250. Oh and they need to bump the rate 400%!! When I reminded the nice lady that her company, and every other company I called, told me what freight class to use, she said this wasn't uncommon and she'd see what she could do for me.

    So before she calls back, I was hoping to hear from anybody that has experienced something similar who might offer some advice on how to handle this. Thanks for listening.


    Tim Myers
    Head Brewer (and NOT Shipping Manager)
    Strange Brewing Company
    Denver, CO

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    Surely, if that's what they quoted and was agreed, you have a contract with them and can hold the shipping company to those terms?

    Do you have the details in writing? If so that should prove the terms they agreed.

    Shipping anything is a nightmare at times: We always make sure we send everything with the necessary shipping paperwork securely attached, addresses ('To' and 'From') clearly marked, contents listed and any special shipping instructions shown on all sides.

    This hasn't stopped the problems, however...we were informed only this week of some instrumentation that has been 'awaiting clearance' from Customs for TWO WEEKS now!

    All the shipping agent could tell us is that "'s a Government department, so they don't have to give a reason..."


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      When I was shipping empty kegs across the country, the shipping company and I finally arrived at a shipping class. The first few tries seemed to land around Class 70 but then someone really listened to what I was shipping and the class bumped up and therefore, so did the price. You can assign a lower class number (lower number apparently lower price) but if the shipper determines en-route or post-route that that number was wrong, they will bill you for the difference. I guess as the density increases, probably so do the fees and taxes the shipper pays.

      Glacier Brewing Company

      "who said what now?"