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Fun Discussion question ... To dry hop warm or cold ???

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  • Fun Discussion question ... To dry hop warm or cold ???

    Hey everybody,
    I just wanted to start a little discussion here on the probrewer.

    Question: Do you typically dry hop just after fermentation when your beer
    is still warm, or do you cool/crash it before you dry hop?
    Also, I was wondering if any research has been done on the subject, chemiocally speaking.
    Brewer's I have mentioned this to before give about 50/50 answer's, and most think the aromatic
    compounds gained from dry hopping will go into solution the same whether your beer is 65F or 33F.

    I, personally, dry hop while my beer is still above 60F for at least 24 before cooling. Whether
    it does any better than at 33F alone I do not know because I just don't do that

    Any Thoughts!?!

    Jon Christiansen

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    This topic has been covered many times. Warmer = faster extraction.


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      You should read the new Hops book out from the brewers association. Lots of discussion in there.


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        Not sure how fun it is ..... but cold temps seem to increase green grassy and vegal characters. 60-70 degrees for best results.
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          If you aren't using a hop gun....

          Dry hopping into a fermenter that is crashed and sealed will most likely have a bit of CO2 in solution. Add 11lbs of dry hops and wait for the heavy, steady stream of hops and beer. The pellets dissolve and create 1000's of nucleation points. Releasing CO2 from beer and if tank not sealed....