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Newbie Hop Ratio Question please...

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  • Newbie Hop Ratio Question please...

    I have made 10 gallon batches. Now I have a 4 bbl system and am ready to make my first big batch. Is the hop ratio the same? More or Less?

    In other words, If I used about 3 oz of hops for bittering and 3 oz of hops for finish on a 10 gallon batch, do I just multiply that by 12 when doing 120 gallon batch?

    Trying to get same flavor profile.


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    Overall you should use less hops for a big batch.

    I suggest doing the math yourself rather than plugging numbers into a calculator. The ones I've used in the past way over estimate IBU numbers for smaller batches. Both Tenseth and Rager equations are alright. The hardest part is figuring out your utilization for both. I think the results of actual lab tests would surprise you.

    There are a lot of factors outside of the equations. A big part of utilization is just based on your equipment and brewing style. How hard you can boil in each batch will differ greatly. Easiest way to do it is try and match it as close on both systems and then adjust your utilization curve from there.

    My best guess is that you might have a 2/3rds ratio on hop utilization from your pilot system to your professional one. This is a big guess through and it could swing your actual IBU numbers quit a bit for a fairly hoppy beer. I suggest testing with something more middle of the road for IBU.


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      Thank you...

      Thank you, I appreciate the help. I will give it a shot.

      Kind Regards,


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        When I scaled our 10 gallon to 10 bbl recipes I went with 120% utilization (beersmith) and kept the ibu's the same and I'm finding that our first batches were still a tad more bitter than the pilot recipes. Of note we do a 15 or 20 minute whirlpool and 20 minute rest and we're still at around 204 degrees after all that time.



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          Biggest change I noticed going from 10gal to 7bbl was changing the ratio of "bittering" and "aroma" in my 7bbl recipe. On the 10 gallon eq, with an immersion chiller, hops added at the end of boil would be cooled from boiling to less than 120 degrees in 5 minutes. A lot of aroma captured and very little bitterness. On the 7bbl system, the aroma hops are over 200 degrees for the whirlpool/rest -- about 25 minutes -- -- creating additional bitterness and not capturing as much aroma. I adjusted my 52 IBU IPA so that 36 of those IBU's come in the whirlpool addition. Beersmith added this calculation and it has been helpful, for sure.

          Dave Cowie
          Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company
          Nevada City, CA


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            Thank you...

            Thank you for all your replies. This makes sense. I have been using Beersmith for a few years. I will check that out too.

            Awesome help guys!