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Dry hopping and Brett, gushing problem

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  • Dry hopping and Brett, gushing problem

    Hi Everyone,
    We had a beer that was age for 09 months in wood barrel with Brett. It was transfer in a bright tank and dry hopped with T-90 and cryo hop for 4 days and package. It is not the first time we do this beer but it a first time using Cryo. We observed a refermentation in the can and some of them gosh. The overall SP has drop by 0.1P.
    Q: Can dryhop add refermentable sugar? Or reactivated the fermentation from the Brett? 9 months with Brett, we assumed the fermentation was finished.

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    Dry hops can restart fermentation and it is known as Hop Creep. There is a presentation from Dr. Thomas Shellhammer that explains it named " Hop-derived enzymes & Hop Creep".

    Also, check if there is any possible contamination source, it can also be Diastaticus, more information can be found at "Incidence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus in the Beverage Industry: Cases of Contamination 2008-2017"
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      Thanks a lot.