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Dryhop Issue

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  • Dryhop Issue

    Hi all.

    We are having a major problem with our IPA's dryhopping. The las two batches' dryhop aromas were literally none, and the bitterness was a little more than the previous batches. We take extra care about O2 pickup, and use a hopgun. We flush the hopgun and the hoses with co2 before dryhopping. Nothing has changed in the recipe, and we are using hops from our trusted wholesaler.

    Any guesses about the cause of this problem? I've also filled a corny for a second dryhop experiment, and nothing happened.

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    tarikapak, There could be several factors at play affecting your dry hop aroma and flavor. Contact time, temperature, agitation, tank volume and geometry will all affect aroma extract potential. Also, often overlooked can be hop variety and the addition timing. Would need a bit more information regarding your processes to be able to provide recommendations for you for techniques to get the best dry hopping results. Please email and one of our experienced brewers on staff can help with recommendations to get better results.


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      Dear MarksDMW thanks, but the tanks, hop varieties, timings, temp., contact time are all the same. I've recently switched back to weyermann malts again, but that should not be an issue, since I've used it before with the same recipe.