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The Difference Between Old World and New World Hops?

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  • The Difference Between Old World and New World Hops?

    Ask a Brewer: What’s the Difference Between Old World and New World Hops?
    From Vinepair

    Before the first round of American craft beer booms in the ‘60s, pretty much all the domestic breweries until then were founded by European immigrants who brought their skill sets to the new world. These brewers were making beers using hops varieties brought over from their native countries. After many years of cross-breeding and isolating the best wild American hops, we’ve now got countless hop varieties to choose from, sourced everywhere from the Pacific Northwest to Slovenia and New Zealand. With this abundance comes a classification: Old World hops and New World hops.

    Much like the wine world’s vinifera and hybrid grapes, these titles indicate where the hops come from. But in this case, boiling it down to the location of origin is a bit reductive. Given that Old World hops traditionally lend themselves to the ingredient bills of lagers and pilsners while New World hops are more at home in IPAs, the difference between the two camps is more complexly rooted in brewing history, terroir, and flavor profiles. So from a brewer’s perspective, the biggest difference between the two categories lies in what type of beer one is setting out to brew.​

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